Milk Drunk
Milk Drunk
Uncomplicated Breastfeeding

As with any good story, ours too has a female protagonist.

Enter Jeni Standard. Birth doula, herbalist, breastfeeding super-heroine. Imagine a scene where happy, healthy clients leave the hospital following their doula-supported birth and encounter breastfeeding problems once they have returned home with their newborn. It pains a doula's heart to witness the anxiety of a parent while he or she sifts through all the lactation advice that they seek. After realizing clients were not receiving adequate breastfeeding support, and frankly, using debunked advice from local "experts," Jeni finally took matters into her own hands by certifying in lactation support to best help her clients correct feeding issues as they arise. Naturally, she began teaching breastfeeding group classes to provide information as a boost for families before they meet their babies, and should a postpartum challenge occur, Jeni swoops in to support one-on-one where clients are the most comfortable - in the privacy of their home, at their breastfeeding headquarters.

Partnering with her doula team at The Happiest Doulas, Jeni co-created Milk Drunk to primarily serve birth clients for the agency. As news spread that better help existed, demand for Jeni's time increased and thus the need to clone herself. Since cloning isn't an option, a specialized and close-knit lactation team was designed to serve the needs of breastfeeding families of Atlanta and the greater metro area.

Mid-November 2017, The Happiest Doulas opened a new chapter in the Tampa Bay area offering childbirth classes, private lessons and labor support. Thus, Milk Drunk has added new team members to offer in-home lactation services to Clearwater / St. Pete / Tampa and the surrounding area.